About CNS Innovations

For over 30 years Centre for Neuro Skills® has provided intensive postacute community based
rehabilitation for patients with a brain injury at facilities in California and Texas and is proud to announce an expansion to our Assisted Living program now known as, CNS-Innovations®.

Research indicates people survive a brain injury today more than ever before. Brain injury is not an event, but rather an active disease process with a variety of lifelong consequences, unique to each person.

CNS-Innovations® is an enhancement of programs currently offered by CNS; the development
and addition of new services, a cadre of solutions to meet the lifelong changing needs of those
with a brain injury and the family members that are also impacted.

Our goal is to:

  • Create a comprehensive, flexible plan to help each person engage in meaningful activities within a variety of environments, and the necessary support and supervision required to live a meaningful life
  • Help those living with brain injury experience greater life satisfaction and improve their quality of life in a safe and secure environment
  • Assist individuals in need of supported living programs as close to their community as possible through expanding CNS-Innovations® services into communities as needed, throughout the United States
  • Listen to families and care givers, assist them with obtaining on-going support and respite as well as other necessary resources as needed
  • Provide life-long follow up and case management services after discharge from CNS in order to assist and address new needs or changes that may occur
  • Work with a variety of payer types; develop opportunities for individuals with brain injury to be afforded living solutions in a home or apartment community setting at a competitive daily rate

Current payers include: Workers Comp, Trust Fund Administrators and Private Pay.

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