Long Term Care Services - Assisted Living


Quality Residential Care

The Assisted Living program provides ongoing support for patients and families when the impact of brain injury prevents the patient from living at home. If the intensity of cognitive, behavioral, and physical issues impacts a patient’s safety, they can live in comfort, beauty, and security in a CNS residence with up to 24-hour supervision. Our staff help patients live a meaningful life by creating a safe, caring home environment. The program includes:

Life enrichment – at home and in the community
• Skill building offered in structured and/or community settings
• Cooking, shopping, art, physical fitness, computer and educational training available
• Supervised enrichment activities (classes, concerts, volunteering) boost confidence and ability
• Movies, holiday events, religious services build ties with residents, family, community

Medical management
• Counseling, behavior analysis, and medical condition tracking available
• Nursing staff available to assist with health needs
• Living skills are reviewed using the CNS Independent Living Scale
• Case management available to address ongoing issues

Integrated support for family, guardian, payer, attorney
• Open communication between staff and caregivers fosters patient progress
• Staff is responsive to feedback and sensitive to family needs
• Reports, calls, and email keep all those in the patient’s life updated
• Admissions and case managers work proactively with a variety of funding sources

Patient Profile:  A Man of Steel

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