Long Term Care Services - Day Enrichment

Day Enrichment Fosters Learning, Growth, and Fun

Day Enrichment offers a variety of learning and leisure activities that encourage growth. These specially designed programs allow families to work and care for others while patients engage in art, fitness, skills training, and socialization. The environment is structured yet fun, and allows patients to integrate with others. Meaningful activities are held daily. The program includes:

Peace of mind for families and caregivers
• Families can conduct their work and personal lives, assured that their loved one is safe
• Patients benefit from a full day of learning, friendship, and skill building
• Staff communicate patient progress and discuss challenges of the day
• Outings to movies, parks, sporting events, and concerts enhance social interaction

Continued growth in a nurturing environment
• Games, computer activities, and cognitive exercises reinforce acquired skills
• Staff work on problem solving and communication with patients
• Crafts and art projects instill creativity and a sense of accomplishment
• Transportation is available as an additional service

Professional staff that inspires, encourages patients
• Experts in brain injury tailor activities for each patient
• Nursing is available to assist with medical over site
• Staff maintain safety and security at all times
• Case managers track patient progress and communicate with family members

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