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Family Program Offers Comfort and Guidance

When traumatic brain injury occurs, families are thrown into a state of shock and chaos that can rip their world apart. Their loved one, once functional and familiar, is now a changed person. The crisis of injury unleashes emotions that both patient and family must face. For this sphere of relatives and friends, a new normal emerges.

Long Term Care Services has over 30 years of experience helping families deal with the challenges of life after brain injury. The program includes:

Family Groups
• Specialists in family dynamics and brain injury help participants understand the behavioral and emotional changes their loved one experiences
• Spouses, partners, and extended family can express their feelings freely
• Participants discover that they are no longer alone
• In a safe environment, the family can ask questions and get professional guidance

Pastoral Support (currrently only Dallas location)
• Regardless of their spiritual path, the Long Term Care Services staff chaplain helps families understand events that affect their emotional well-being
• Patients and families receive spiritual support in times of crisis – death in the family, hospitalization, trauma, divorce, or illness
• For religious ceremonies or consultation, the pastoral staff will arrange visitation of a spiritual leader of the patient’s choice
• Pastoral staff respects diversity in culture, gender, and sexual orientation

Personal Counseling
• Financial status, intimacy, parenting, and family dynamics all shift after a brain injury; individuals can get one-on-one help from our family therapists
• Developing trust with someone who understands brain injury provides comfort and stability as the family heals
• Often, caregivers at home need to express emotions and ask questions in private; individual help is a safe haven
• Therapists know resources in the community - such as groups, lectures, and events - that provide education and relief

Staff Profile: Chaplain Johnny Taylor

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