Long Term Care Services - Respite Services

A Helping Hand for the Family


When the family needs help with their loved one, the Respite program provides professional patient care, allowing time for work, vacation, and managing daily tasks. It may be just a few hours needed to run errands, or it could be a longer stay for out of town travel. Either way,
staff can engage patients in meaningful activities. Professional supervision is provided while the family is caring for their needs. The program includes:

Fun or goal-focused activities
• Staff can help patients with specific goals such as home routines, shopping, and cooking
• Planned activities can be catered to patient’s interests
• Respite time may be used for social integration with peers
• Seasonal or holiday fun can be the theme of staff-patient outings or activities

A helping hand from caring professionals
• Assistance is offered while patient and family vacation together, promoting inclusion
• Families can enjoy time off for renewal, appointments, self-care
• Patient-centered therapy available
• Respite provides structure to sustain the patient’s daily routines

When life happens, Respite steps in
• Unexpected business or life interruptions can be handled
• Outings with staff give patient and family a break
• Patients can work on cognitive and social skills with staff, in or outside the home
• Repairs, home improvements can be scheduled without affecting the patient

Patient Profile: A Painter Comes Full Circle

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