Long Term Care Services - Supported Living


Support in the Home

When patients can live in their own home yet want to maximize their independence, our Supported Living program offers the growth, supervision, and integration to thrive in a new life. With regular in-home visits by CNS staff, skills acquired during rehabilitation are reinforced with encouragement and positive feedback. The program includes:

Personalized care
• Neuro Rehabilitation Specialists provide support up to 7 days a week and up to 12 hours a day
• Emphasis is on activities of daily living and community integration
• Patients participate in therapy as needed
• Families receive help in managing difficult situations

Building on patient success
• Trained staff facilitate a structured routine and social integration
• Patient self-management contributes to fewer emergencies and reduced cost of care
• Home skills are practiced to enhance independence
• Case management focus lessens the burden on family and funding source

Integrating family, home, community
• Skills learned in postacute care are improved in real-life settings
• Transportation can be provided to CNS programs and activities
• Staff help patients address unanticipated situations that may occur
• Patient and family are given the tools to function successfully as recovery continues

Patient Profile: Empowered and on Her Own

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