Power Broker


Power Broker Finds Dignity in a New Life


After 45 years as a real estate powerhouse in Dallas, Jane’s life was shattered when she was hit by a car while crossing the street. She required eight brain surgeries, leaving her despondent and unable to walk, speak, or eat.

With the right side of her skull missing, “Ms. Jane,” as she is known in the community, came to CNS Innovations after hospitalization and three years of home care.

“I’m shocked at how different Mom is since she started at CNS Innovations.”

Her daughter - also a successful real estate agent - is her caregiver and greatest admirer. That kind of love inspired a search for rehabilitation that offered stimulation and emotional fulfillment. Such a rich life deserves premier care, and Kristi Kay Spikes found that in the Day Enrichment program.

“Within a week my mom became a different person,” Kristi recalled. “At the time of the accident, she was 73 and a social, intelligent woman. Even though she’s impaired, she’s like that again.”

At the Day Enrichment Centre, Jane devours art books and has mastered organizational tasks. She often tells Kristi to “get out the calendar and see what we’re doing” before they head off to the mall or have lunch at a café.

“Mom’s speech has improved so much,” Kristi noted. “After the accident, she rarely spoke, and when she did it was only in a whisper. But in just a month she’s speaking in full sentences with her normal voice.”

Day Enrichment not only builds Jane’s skills, it gives Kristi time to run a business. It’s a break she truly appreciates. The program’s goal-oriented activities challenge cognition, speech, and physical acuity, so Jane sleeps soundly at night, enabling Kristi to get a full night’s rest too.

Communicating patient progress is another Day Enrichment service that Kristi welcomed. She praised her mother’s case manager, who texts updates daily.

“She’s a total rock star,” Kristi said.