Safe Haven


Chaplain is a Safe Haven for Spiritual Renewal


Chaplain Johnny Taylor has been a safe refuge for those in crisis since his early days as a trauma interventionist. At CNS Innovations, his empathy and spiritual support help patients and their loved ones walk the path of recovery.

“I help people find spiritual tools to get them out of a spiritual cavern,” he says. “They need to know that I am a friend in the midst of this storm.”

Since brain injury causes profound changes in the patient, Johnny listens to the family and eases their concerns about coping with new realities. His empathetic approach helps all involved to strive for acceptance and understanding. Sometimes it’s through meditation or prayer. Or it may involve rekindling religious beliefs abandoned long ago.

“I am a friend in the midst of this storm.”

He offers one on one and group support as part of the CNS Innovations program, as well as CNS’ other programs (Dallas location only). Johnny invites participants to express their feelings in a loving environment, where they can speak their truth in complete confidence.

In his chaplaincy work, all faiths and sexual orientations are respected. For religious practices and rituals, he may be called upon to bring in a priest, an imam, or a rabbi. Honoring the patient’s spiritual needs is fundamental to healing, he believes.

Johnny has been a chaplain associated with University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center for 17 years. He has served as a hospice chaplain for 16 years, giving him a rich emotional and spiritual basis for his work with brain injured people. He holds a Master’s degree in religious education from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and trained in the clinical pastoral education program of Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

Johnny has ministered to burn patients and victims of violent crime in his unique career. Regardless of the incident, his emphasis is to guide others through life’s difficulties, helping them to embrace hope.