Will My Family Member Become Homesick?

Actually, this would be assumed by anyone who is being separated from his or her family and in an unfamiliar environment. In truth, experience has shown that if the therapeutic focus is intensive and patient-specific, the patient has little time to get homesick. They are not alone and will find others with the same frustrations and sadness. Daily therapy sessions keep the patient busy. The non-clinic hours are also filled with residential and community activities, which also have therapeutic purpose. The residential setting is a normal living environment in which the patients have the privacy of their own rooms. This environment is home away from home and the patients can make it personal during their rehabilitation stay. There are also several community/recreational activities in which to engage.

The family is involved as much as they are able. Even when contact is primarily through phone calls, the family is important to the process. Family education and preparation is just as vital as the patient's rehabilitation. Counseling is also critical and is provided to the individual, as well as the family.