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Optum Advisory Services Study

Optum Advisory Services Study

First-of-its-Kind Study Finds Centre for Neuro Skills Patients Show Accelerated Rate of Improvement, Superior Outcomes and Significantly Lower Health Care Costs than Other Patient Journeys

Optum Advisory Services Study indicates Centre for Neuro Skills’ brain injury rehabilitation program outperforms direct competitors’ and alternative care patient journeys

Bakersfield, Calif. (September 27, 2022) – A study* conducted by Optum Advisory Services, a leading information and technology-enabled health services company, found that Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) patients have dramatically better outcomes and lower health care costs than non-CNS patients.

Data was analyzed from 1.2 million patients and 15 million brain injury insurance claims spanning a five-year period starting in 2015. The study compared patients treated at CNS to several other patient journeys including other brain injury rehabilitation service providers, alternate care or home with little or no rehabilitative care. The analyses detailed patient outcomes, hospital readmission rates, emergency room visits and health care costs, including prescriptions. It reviewed “patient journeys,” defined as the care and treatment activities for which insurance claims were submitted. Study highlights include:


Key Study Data
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Centre for Neuro Skills’ Care-based Founding

CEO Dr. Mark Ashley founded CNS in August 1980 to help his brother Steve Ashley, who endured a brain injury at age 21 that left him dependent on others for care. Steve’s journey inspired Dr. Ashley to create CNS. His recovery became the model for CNS’ ongoing philosophy of practice.

“When I founded CNS, I wanted to help people with severe brain injury reclaim their lives. I aimed to build a center of excellence for rehabilitative brain injury care. This study proves that we have achieved that,” said Dr. Ashley. “Dramatically superior patient outcomes and health care cost savings relate to CNS’ team of experts’ approach to providing individualized intensive therapies tailored to each person’s injury and needs. Rebuilding life skills and providing comprehensive medical oversite gives patients the foundation for a durable recovery.”


Patient Stories: Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and Long-haul COVID

Since its founding, CNS has helped thousands of patients achieve their goal of maximizing independence and quality of life.

Actor and CNS patient Timothy Omundson experienced a massive stroke in 2017 in an airport. Thanks to his intensive therapy with CNS, Timothy started acting again and was even able to walk the red carpet for his role in NBC’s television series, “This Is Us.” Timothy reprised his recurring role in a new episode of Peacock’s Psych series “Psych 3: This Is Gus” late last year.

Luke Armstrong, a former CNS patient, sustained a severe traumatic brain injury following a small plane crash in which he was the only survivor. With CNS’ help, one year later, Luke was able to return to school for his senior year of college.

Nora Canales is a long-haul COVID survivor who experienced multiple debilitating health and neurological issues. CNS’ rehabilitation program helped her learn to walk again. She has returned home and has become an advocate for COVID safety measures and vaccines.

*This study was commissioned by CNS. An Executive Summary can be found here.


About Centre for Neuro Skills

Centre for Neuro Skills is an experienced and respected world leader in providing intensive rehabilitation and medical programs for those recovering from all types of brain injury. CNS covers a full spectrum of advanced care from residential and assisted living to outpatient/day treatment. Founded by Dr. Mark Ashley in 1980, CNS has seven locations in California and Texas. 

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