Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

Question: I had a bleed in the brain and the left side of my face is still numb. It is 2 years now. Can you tell me if it will get better? I am typing this with my left hand, one finger. Right hand is pretty useless. Can I do something to improve my chances? 

Answer: I am sorry to hear about your brain bleed. I am a firm believer in rehabilitation and believe that networks in the brain that are in charge of things such as motor movement, can improve even 2 years after an injury. Have you ever tried constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT)? This is where you would not use your "good hand" and would instead attempt to do everything with your "impaired hand". The idea behind this therapy is that you need to use the impaired limb in order for it to improve. There are some restrictions for this type of therapy, such as a person has to have at least some range of motion and movement on the impaired side for this to work. Typically, an occupational therapist would be able to administer/guide you through this type of therapy or may be able to work with you and suggest other therapies that might work for you.