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The Cure for Brain Injury

The Cure for Brain Injury

Over the past 10 years as a result of a paper authored by Dr. Brent Masel, a senior CNS physician and scientist, our view of traumatic brain injury his changed significantly.

A traumatic brain injury is no longer seen as a singular isolated event, rather, it is believed to be the beginning of a disease process. According to Dr. Mark Ashley, our CEO and founder, a traumatic brain injury is disease causative and disease accelerated. We at CNS and CNS-CREF are committed to finding a cure for that disease.

We do not believe the cure for TBI will entail making the individual the way they were prior to the injury. Rather, the analogy would be a car that is badly wrecked. Once repaired, it is not the way it was before–but it is functional. And we aim to restore those functions lost in a TBI.

We know that the cure will not be due to one individual solitary scientific discovery. Rather, the cure is an enormous jigsaw puzzle with thousands and thousands of pieces, and therefore, we will cure brain injury one piece at a time.

Brain injury therapists and physicians have already found many of those pieces. We have cured many aspects of speech and swallowing issues, motor problems, cognitive and behavioral issues. We have stopped seizures.

But there is so much more to do; so many pieces of the puzzle to discover. At CNS, finding those pieces is an overarching focus of everything we do every day, every hour and every second. Our clinicians and scientists are committed to finding new ways to restore function. We are truly committed to finding the cure.