Question: My sister was admitted to the hospital in critical situation. She came to this hospital for HSG test and during the test procedure she had cardiac arrest and immediately admitted to ICU in critical situation. As per doctors, she is blinking her eyes and she is localizing the pain but both in unconscious state. Seizers are coming infrequently and due to which they are keeping her in sedation on low dose. 

Answer: I am sorry to hear of your sister's condition. Hypoxic injuries to the brain are severe and it can be difficult to predict a person's outcome from a hypoxic brain injury. The good news is that according to your email, is responding to pain and is blinking her eyes. That means, that at some levels she is regaining her consciousness. This type of injury can take quite awhile to regain consciousness from, especially if the physicians are trying to keep her sedated so that he brain can heal. It has only been a few week since her injury and she already seems to be responding. Unfortunately, there is not any advice I can give you other than to ask questions of your sister's physicians about how long they anticipate that she will be unconscious.

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