Living With Stroke

Helping Patients Relearn Vital Skills
The origins of stroke are complex. A malady long associated with the elderly and smokers, it was assumed that if stroke occurred, permanent brain damage was inevitable.

But stroke appears in a vast spectrum of people, and can be caused by substance abuse, stress, cardiac conditions, genetic abnormalities, and medical co-morbidities. As thinking broadens about populations affected, beliefs about lifelong damage are also being reconsidered.
Centre for Neuro Skills® (CNS) has been treating stroke for more than 35 years, helping patients return to a productive life. CNS is also known for its expertise in diagnosing and working with younger stroke patients, treating congenital aneurysms which are often seen in this age group. Case managers work closely with parents and staff to create a supportive atmosphere in which young people of all ages can benefit from therapeutic intervention.

Programs Build Skills, Foster Independence

“Patients don’t plateau” is a CNS philosophy that inspires our staff in all they do. Our highly-trained clinicians help patients to walk, speak, reason, and function again using technologies and therapies that support independent living. These include:

ZeroG® Gait and Balance System

Therapy and Life Skills Support

Since its inception, CNS has been a world leader in helping people with brain injuries to recover and thrive. A core belief is that comprehensive care is essential for living with purpose and dignity. As patients achieve defined goals, staff updates insurers and caregivers on progress, suggesting therapies and activities that support growth.

Dr. Matthew J. Ashley: Providing a Tailored Plan for Patients

Every stroke is unique. Thus, every patient requires a treatment strategy specific to their needs. CNS consulting neurologist Dr. Matthew J. Ashley collaborates with the clinical team to help patients improve based on their injury, ability, and desire to succeed.

Dr. Ashley received his medical and juris doctor degrees from Southern Illinois University and completed his neurology residency at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He also completed a fellowship at the renowned UCLA Neurological Rehabilitation and Research Unit, where he worked daily with post-stroke patients.

Training at a national stroke center enabled him to become one of the few neurology and rehabilitation-trained physicians who provide clinical services for postacute care.

CNS believes in the full continuum of treatment, and Dr. Ashley’s depth of knowledge supports this philosophy. CNS sees appropriate care as both cost effective and the best solution for life-long recovery. Dr. Ashley’s medical oversight, combined with evidence-based rehabilitation, gives patients the foundation for a durable, progressive recovery.