Symptoms of Concussion

"I just don't feel like myself."

The type of brain injury called a concussion has many symptoms. These symptoms are usually temporary, but may last for days, weeks, or even longer. Generally, if you feel that "something is not quite right," or if you're "feeling foggy," you should talk with your doctor.

Here are some of the symptoms of a concussion:

1. Low-grade headaches that won't go away
2. Having more trouble than usual:
a. Remembering things
b. Paying attention or concentrating
c. Organizing daily tasks
d. Making decisions and solving problems
3. Slowness in thinking, acting, speaking, or reading
4. Getting lost or easily confused
5. Neck pain
6. Feeling tired all the time, lack of energy
7. Change in sleeping pattern:
a. Sleeping for much longer periods of time than before
b. Trouble sleeping or insomnia
8. Loss of balance, feeling light-headed or dizzy
9. Increased sensitivity to:
a. Sounds
b. Lights
c. Distractions
10. Blurred vision or eyes that tire easily
11. Loss of sense of taste or smell
12. Ringing in the ears
13. Change in sexual drive
14. Mood changes:
a. Feeling sad, anxious, or listless
b. Becoming easily irritated or angry for little or no reason
c. Lack of motivation

Young Children

Although children can have the same symptoms of brain injury as adults, it is harder for young children to let others know how they are feeling. Call your child's doctor if your child seems to be getting worse or if you notice any of the following:

1. Listlessness, tiring easily
2. Irritability, crankiness
3. Change in eating or sleeping patterns
4. Change in the way they play
5. Change in the way they perform or act at school
6. Lack of interest in favorite toys
7. Loss of new skills, such as toilet training
8. Loss of balance, unsteady walking

Older Adults

Older adults with a brain injury may have a higher risk of serious complications such as a blood clot on the brain. Headaches that get worse or an increase in confusion are signs of this complication. If these signs occur, see a doctor right away.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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