Course Description

This course will review literature pertaining to post-concussion syndrome as a diagnostic entity, tracing its origins back to the 1800's. The participants will be provided with a working definition of post-concussion syndrome and introduced to the terminology "mild traumatic brain injury" (MTBI) as recommended by the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. The course reviews the neuroanatomical and neurophysiological ramifications of MTBI. Factors having an impact on the outcome of MTBI are identified. The treatment of MTBI will be reviewed from the perspective of medical and pharmacological coordination, psychological intervention, vestibular dysfunction, cognitive/communicative intervention, cardiovascular endurance intervention, vision therapy, and vocational rehabilitation.


This course (02.00-02C-07-99-73) is certified for 2.0 CCM (Certified Case Manager) and BRN (California Board of Registered Nurses) clock hours. The TBI Resource Guide CCM vendor code is 000018.

Course information is free to the public. Those wishing to obtain continuing education units must complete the test and course evaluation form. There is a $60.00 processing and certification fee.


1. The participant will understand the historical origins of MTBI.
2. The participant will have an understanding of a working definition of MTBI.
3. The participant will understand the symptoms of MTBI.
4. The participant will understand the neuroanatomical and neurophysiological aspects of MTBI.
5. The participant will understand factors that have an impact on outcome following MTBI.
6. The participant will be able to discuss issues pertaining to treatment of MTBI.


Does MTBI Really Exist?
Defining Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Grades of Concussion
What Happens Inside the Head Following MTBI?
Symptoms Following MTBI
Assessment and Treatment
Physicians and Other Consultants
The Problem with Misdiagnosis or Missed Diagnosis
Considerations in the Choice of Drug Intervention
Taking Action: The Role of the Case Manager
Course Evaluation Form

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