Incidence of TBI

TBI occurs with disturbing frequency among Americans. Overall, about one million traumatic brain injuries are estimated to occur in the United States every year. Approximately every 15 seconds, someone in the U.S. will sustain a TBI.

Of these, approximately 375,000 are hospitalized, 50,000 result in death, and 100,000 individuals sustain moderate to severe brain injuries that will result in lifelong disabling conditions.

It is estimated that over 5.3 million people are living in the United States today with permanent disabilities as a result of TBI.

The chances of suffering a TBI dramatically increase if that individual has a history of any prior head injuries. After one TBI, the risk of a second injury is three times greater than for those who have not had a prior TBI. After a second TBI, the risk of a third injury is eight times greater than for someone who has not had a prior TBI.

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