Strategies to Reduce Stress

  • Take advantage of local brain injury support groups.
  • Replace stressful activities with more enjoyable activities.
  • Take advantage of other individuals whom you trust with the responsibility of caring for your family member. Use that free time to do something for yourself.
  • Help the TBI survivor complete certain tasks more independently. You can do this by providing instructions, pictures—anything that helps him/her become more independent completing a certain task. Before you try getting the person to do a task more independently, make sure he/she has the abilities to do so.
  • Try to become educated in the area of TBI. This increased knowledge base will help you understand why the person behaves differently since the accident, what you can expect in the future for this person, and ways you can help the person’s recovery process.
  • Talk openly and regularly among family members about feelings, concerns, stresses, and ways you can help each other deal with these things.
  • Make a list of activities the family enjoyed before the injury and do at least one of these things a week.
  • Take time for yourself. This includes visiting your physician for an annual physical and listening to your body. Get plenty of rest whenever you can and talk to your doctor if you notice significant changes in your appetite, weight, and sleep habits as these could be symptoms of depression or some other health concern.
  • Exercise on a regular basis and try activities such as yoga, meditation, massage, deep breathing, and relaxation exercises to reduce stress. There are many CD's available to practice meditation and relaxation.
  • Eat a healthy diet including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains and cereals to keep you healthy and fit.
  • Avoid addictive stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol because they will only add to your stress.
  • Engage in self-fulfilling activities such as hobbies, focusing on your spirituality, being around positive people, and journaling just to name a few.

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