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We appreciate your interest in Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS). Our legacy of service in treating patients with traumatic brain injury is renowned in the field of rehabilitation. Founded by Dr. Mark J. Ashley in 1980, CNS offers hope, compassion and recovery for patients and their families through patient-centered care. Every patient is treated with dignity and respect as we help them achieve the maximum possible quality of life through intensive, postacute, community based brain injury rehabilitation.

Our four clinics - located in Bakersfield, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco - serve a broad array of postacute patients recovering from acquired and traumatic brain injury. We also offer CNS Innovations, a specialized and supported living program within each facility.

The Media Room is a resource that provides information on all of our programs. It also educates visitors on traumatic brain injury causes, treatment, research and available help for family members.

Please contact Kelly Lopez, Public Relations/Communications Specialist at 626.720.1540 (mobile) or email to schedule interviews or to identify one of our professionals who can speak about brain injury trauma and programs we offer.

All members of the press are asked to observe state laws regarding patient privacy, as well as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements. For reference, please see Guide to Release of Patient Information to the Media published by the California Hospital Association. Members of the press may reference the guide for recommended use of patient information in California. Media seeking patient health information in other states must comply with the laws of those states.

Founder: President and CEO Mark J. Ashley, Sc.D., CCC-SLP, CCM, CBIST (President profile)
Headquarters: Bakersfield, California (photo)
Founded: 1980 by Dr. Mark J. Ashley
Locations and Virtual Tours: Bakersfield, Dallas, Los AngelesSan Francisco and Ft. Worth
Populations Served: Those seeking postacute inpatient and outpatient treatment from traumatic brain injury due to trauma, stroke, work or sports injury. We also serve assisted and supported living patients through CNS Innovations.
Programs and Services: Inpatient care, CNS Innovations, Pediatric care, Residential living
Employees: 800 employees in the United States
Research at CNS: CNS Clinical Research and Education Foundation (CNS-CREF)
Brain Injury: Overview
Media Contact: Kelly Lopez, Public Relations/Communications Specialist, 626.720.1540 (mobile) or email
Brain Injury News: read more
Help for the Family: read more
Story Ideas: Please see our Case Studies to learn more about patient challenges, our expertise, and the journey of recovery
Press Releases: read more
CNS Videos: view here
The Story of Centre for Neuro Skills: view here

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