Head Injury
Refers to an injury of the head and/or brain, including lacerations and contusions of the head, scalp and/or forehead. See also Brain Injury.

The collection of blood in tissues or a space following rupture of a blood vessel.
Epidural--Outside the brain and its fibrous covering, the dura, but under the skull.
Subdural--Between the brain and its fibrous covering (dura).
Intracerebral--In the brain tissue.
Subarachnoid--Around the surfaces of the brain, between the dura and arachnoid membranes.

Hemianopsia Hemianopia
Visual field cut. Blindness for one half of the field of vision. This is not the right or left eye, but the right or left half of vision in each eye. See also vision after head injury.

Weakness of one side of the body.

Enlargement of fluid-filled cavities in the brain, not due to brain atrophy.

Insufficient oxygen reaching the tissues of the body.

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