Tactile Defensiveness
Being overly sensitive to touch; withdrawing, crying, yelling or striking when one is touched.

Task Analysis
Breakdown of a particular job into its component parts; information gained from task analysis can be utilized to develop training curricula or to price a product or service.

Temporal Lobes
There are two temporal lobes, one on each side of the brain located at about the level of the ears. These lobes allow a person to tell one smell from another and one sound from another. They also help in sorting new information and are believed to be responsible for short-term memory.

Right Lobe--Mainly involved in visual memory (i.e., memory for pictures and faces).

Left Lobe--Mainly involved in verbal memory (i.e., memory for words and names).

A temporary surgical opening at the front of the throat providing access to the trachea or windpipe to assist in breathing.

Tracking, Visual
Visually following an object as it moves through space. See also vision after head injury.

Tremor, Intention
Course, rhythmical movements of a body part that become intensified the harder one tries to control them.

Tremor, Resting
Rhythmical movements present at rest and may be diminished during voluntary movement.

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