Research Reports - Health care costs 1 year after pediatric traumatic brain injury

Am J Public Health. 2015 Oct;105(10):e35-41. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2015.302744. Epub
2015 Aug 13.

Graves JM(1), Rivara FP(1), Vavilala MS(1).

OBJECTIVES: This study sought to estimate total health care costs for mild,
moderate, and severe pediatric traumatic brain injury (TBI) and to compare
individual- and population-level costs across levels of TBI severity.
METHODS: Using 2007 to 2010 MarketScan Commercial Claims and Encounters data, we
estimated total quarterly health care costs 1 year after TBI among enrollees
(aged < 18 years). We compared costs across levels of TBI severity using
generalized linear models.
RESULTS: Mild TBI accounted for 96.6% of the 319 103 enrollees with TBI; moderate
and severe TBI accounted for 1.7% and 1.6%, respectively. Adjusted individual
health care costs for moderate and severe TBI were significantly higher than mild
TBI in the year after injury (P < .01). At the population level, moderate and
severe TBI costs were 88% and 75% less than mild TBI, respectively.
CONCLUSIONS: Individually, moderate and severe TBI initially generated costs that
were markedly higher than those of mild TBI. At the population level, costs
following mild TBI far exceeded those of more severe cases, a result of the
extremely high population burden of mild TBI. 

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