Research Reports - Preinjury personality traits influence postconcussion symptoms.

Appl Neuropsychol Adult. 2016 Jan 19:1-11. [Epub ahead of print]

Yuen KM(1), Tsai YH(2), Lin WC(1), Yang CC(1), Huang SJ(3).

Postconcussion symptoms (PCS) are not uncommon following mild traumatic brain
injury (mTBI). Personality traits have always been viewed as one of the most
important explanations for persistent postconcussion symptoms (PPCS).
Unfortunately, studies on the association between preinjury personality traits
and the PPCS are still limited. This study thus aimed to examine the relationship
between the preinjury personality and PCS in patients with mTBI. A total of 106
participants including 53 healthy participants were recruited. All participants
complete the modified Checklist of Postconcussion Symptoms and the Health,
Personality, & Habit Scale. Participants were evaluated within 4 weeks and at 4
months, respectively, after injury. The results showed patients reported
significantly more PCS than healthy participants did within 4 weeks postinjury. A
significant positive association between PCS and retrospectively evaluated
preinjury personality was found. Specifically, patients who reported that their
preinjury personality was depressive or anxious-related presented more PCS. This
study might be the first to directly demonstrate that preinjury personality
traits are closely linked to PCS reporting in patients with mTBI. Importantly,
PCS reporting might be associated with different personality traits at different
periods after injuries, and thus, a careful evaluation for personality
characteristics is merited after mTBI.

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