Research Reports - Vocational outcome 6-15 years after a traumatic brain injury

Brain Inj. 2016 May 16:1-6. [Epub ahead of print]

Lexell J(1,)(2,)(3), Wihlney AK(1), Jacobsson LJ(1,)(3,)(4).

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To describe vocational outcome 6-15 years after a traumatic
brain injury (TBI) among individuals who were productive by working or studying
at the time of their TBI and determine the associations with variables related to
the time of injury and at follow-up.
METHODS AND PROCEDURES: Thirty-four individuals with a mild TBI and 45 with a
moderate-to-severe TBI were assessed on average 10 years post-injury. Logistic
regression was used to determine the association between their current vocational
situation and variables related to the time of injury (gender, age, injury
severity and educational level) and at follow-up (time since injury, marital
status and overall disability).
RESULTS: A total of 67% were productive at follow-up. Age at injury, injury
severity and the degree of disability at follow-up were strongly associated with
being productive. Younger individuals with milder TBI and less severe disability
were significantly more likely to be fully productive. No significant
associations were found between productivity and gender, education, time since
injury or marital status.
CONCLUSIONS: This study indicates that return to productivity in a long-term
perspective after a TBI is possible, in particular when the individual is young,
has sustained a mild TBI and has a milder form of overall disability. 

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