Research Reports - A review of sleep disturbances following traumatic brain injury

Zuzuárregui, J.R.P., Bickart, K. & Kutscher, S.J.
Sleep Science Practice (2018) 2: 2

Sleep disorders are common following traumatic brain injury (TBI).

We review the literature regarding sleep disturbances in the acute and chronic phase following TBI in both the adult and pediatric population.

Acute and chronic disruption of sleep commonly follows TBI and contributes to morbidity commonly seen post-injury in both adults and children. This includes the direct effect of TBI leading to sleep disruption, as well as sleep disorders resulting from TBI itself. Pre-TBI neurocognitive testing is important to determine a baseline prior to injury, while disrupted sleep can also prolong recovery after TBI. Early recognition of sleep disturbances post-injury can lead to earlier treatment and limit the sequelae of TBI, as well as assist in recovery.

We suggest that evaluation for sleep disturbances following TBI is a critical component of post-TBI assessment and management.

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