Research Reports - Irritability following traumatic brain injury: Divergent manifestations of annoyance and verbal aggression

Brain Inj. 2012 May 9

Yang CC, Hua MS, Lin WC, Tsai YH, Huang SJ.

Primary objectives: To evaluate irritability following traumatic brain injury.
Research design: A prospective study was conducted at a level I trauma centre.
Methods and procedures: One hundred and forty-four participants, which included
80 healthy subjects and 64 patients suffering from TBI, were recruited.
Irritability was assessed by the National Taiwan University Irritability Scale
(NTUIS) from patients themselves and their families. Main outcomes and results:
the results showed 14.8% of patients and 29.4% of their families reported
patients' problems of irritability. Meanwhile, both self-reported and
family-reported irritability post-injury were significantly higher than those
reported by the healthy subjects. When evaluating two sub-components of
irritability, respectively, both family- and self-reported post-injury annoyance
were significantly higher than the pre-injury one, while the self-reported
post-injury verbal aggression was not. Conclusions: TBI patients have remarkable
problems of irritability after injuries. Specifically, the results showed that
annoyance might be the main characteristic of irritability in TBI patients and
patients themselves might be unaware of their verbal aggression post-injury.
Hence, it is merited to pay more attention to the annoyance of the patients with
TBI and to the reports from significant caregivers when evaluating TBI patients'
irritability in clinical settings.

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