Research Reports - Progressive brain atrophy in patients with chronic neuropsychiatric symptoms after mild traumatic brain injury

Brain Inj. 2012 Jun 21

Ross DE, Ochs AL, Seabaugh JM, Demark MF, Shrader CR, Marwitz JH, Havranek MD

Introduction: NeuroQuant® is a recently developed, FDA-approved software program
for measuring brain MRI volume in clinical settings. The aims of this study were
as follows: (1) to examine the test-retest reliability of NeuroQuant®; (2) to
test the hypothesis that patients with mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) would
have abnormally rapid progressive brain atrophy; and (3) to test the hypothesis
that progressive brain atrophy in patients with mild TBI would be associated with
vocational outcome. Methods: Sixteen patients with mild TBI were compared to 20
normal controls. Vocational outcome was assessed with the Glasgow Outcome
Scale-Extended (GOSE) and Disability Rating Scale (DRS). Results: NeuroQuant®
showed high test-re-test reliability. Patients had abnormally rapid progressive
atrophy in several brain regions and the rate of atrophy was associated with
inability to return to work. Conclusions: NeuroQuant®, is a reliable and valid
method for assessing the anatomic effects of TBI. Progression of atrophy may
continue for years after injury, even in patients with mild TBI.

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