Research Reports - Hearing every footstep: noise sensitivity in individuals following traumatic brain injury

Neuropsychol Rehabil. 2012 Jun;22(3):391-407

Landon J, Shepherd D, Stuart S, Theadom A, Freundlich S

Noise sensitivity is an important and under-researched symptom that can result
from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA)
was used to analyse the experiences of noise sensitivity of six individuals with
TBI. The results revealed four major themes through which participants described
a process of having to find information for themselves to understand what they
were experiencing and their changed relationship with sounds. The participants
also described feeling overwhelmed as they struggled to cope with the changes to
their lives and being able to plan and take some control over their lives. The
findings are of importance for both health professionals involved in
rehabilitation and individuals recovering from TBI.

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