Research Reports - Acute global outcome in patients with mild uncomplicated and complicated traumatic brain injury

Brain Inj. 2013;27(2):189-99

Dagher JH, Richard-Denis A, Lamoureux J, de Guise E, Feyz M

Primary objective: This study assesses the influence of socio-demographic,
psychosocial, clinical and radiological variables on the outcome of patients with
mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) in an acute care inpatient setting. Research
design: Retrospective cohort study. Methods and procedure: A total of 2127
inpatients with MTBI were included. Outcomes measured were Extended Glasgow
Outcome Scale (GOS-E), the FIM® instrument, length of stay (LOS) and discharge
destination. Main outcomes and results: Fifty-four per cent of patients with MTBI
with a median GOS-E of 2 were discharged home with no need for further follow-up.
Age, LOS, lower Glasgow score (GCS) at admission, insurance coverage and positive
CT scans were associated with rehabilitation referrals on discharge. Age, LOS,
alcohol and drug abuse, motor vehicle collision and lower GCS at admission were
associated with greater physical disabilities and functional impairment at
discharge. FIM® cognitive functional scores were higher in women, younger
patients and patients without psychiatric disorders. Brain lesions were
correlated with longer LOS. CT scan findings in patients with MTBI may help
clinicians predict the final outcome and resources required for patient care
during their hospitalization and on discharge. Conclusion: This study can help
healthcare professionals in treating and planning future care of patients with

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