Research Reports - A range of antiepileptic drugs do not affect the recovery of consciousness in vegetative and minimally conscious states

Epilepsy Behav. 2013 May;27(2):365-70

Bagnato S, Boccagni C, Sant'angelo A, Galardi G

Since most antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) have cognitive effects, the aim of this
study was to evaluate the influence of AED therapy on the recovery of
consciousness in 103 consecutive patients in a vegetative or minimally conscious
state (VS, MCS). The levels of cognitive functioning (LCF) score was
retrospectively compared after a three-month period of rehabilitation between
patients who were medicated (n=54) and patients who were not medicated (n=49)
with AEDs. Mean LCF scores in AED-medicated and nonmedicated patients were
2.2±0.7 and 2.3±0.8 at admission and 3.8±2.2 and 3.7±2.1 after three months,
respectively (p values>0.05). These results did not change when we compared
patients with the same etiology separately, with the same disorder of
consciousness only, or patients treated with only one or more than one AED. In
conclusion, AEDs did not affect the recovery of consciousness in a large cohort
of patients in a VS or MCS following an acute brain injury.

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