Research Reports - Allogenic umbilical cord blood therapy combined with erythropoietin for patients with severe traumatic brain injury

Restor Neurol Neurosci. 2013 Mar 20

Min K, Song J, Lee JH, Kang MS, Jang SJ, Kim SH, Kim M

Objective: To report the safety and efficacy of a novel therapeutic trial with
umbilical cord blood (UCB) and concomitant recombinant human erythropoietin
(rhEPO), which was tried for three cases of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI)
in rehabilitation. Design: Case series. Setting: University hospital setting.
Participants: Three patients with TBI over 6-months post-injury. Interventions:
Intravascular administration of allogenic UCB and injection of rhEPO, and
rehabilitation therapy. Outcomes: For safety, adverse events, symptom, vital
signs, blood chemistry, and hematologic study; for efficacy, modified Barthel
index, motor assessment scale, Fugl-Meyer assessment of upper extremity,
motor-free visual perception test, mini-mental screening examination, and brain
images. Results: There were no serious adverse events and the participants showed
improvements during the follow-up periods in various aspects. Patient 1
demonstrated improvements in motor and cognitive function. Diffusion tensor
images showed increased nerve fibers. Patient 2 displayed improvements in
activities of daily living. In Patient 3, neurogenic fever vanished and Brain PET
revealed increased glucose metabolism at basal ganglia, thalami, and cerebellum.
Conclusions: The allogenic UCB therapy combined with rhEPO in the present study
was safe and suggested potential therapeutic efficacy for patients with TBI.
Controlled clinical trials are now needed to document efficiacy and safety in a
larger patient sample.

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