Research Reports - Vocational rehabilitation for clients with cognitive and behavioral disorders associated with traumatic brain injury.

Work. 2013 Mar 11

Watanabe S

OBJECTIVE: To report on functional outcomes of clients with traumatic brain
injury (TBI) admitted to a sub-acute rehabilitation hospital and rehabilitation
facility in Japan. PARTICIPANTS: The subjects included 300 adults with TBI who
underwent a rehabilitation in-patient program at the hospital at the Kanagawa
Rehabilitation Center. METHODS: Individual and group programs were designed for
TBI clients using an interdisciplinary teamwork model including supported
employment. All clients were evaluated by the Barthel Index, WAIS-R, and social
outcome. RESULTS: Overall, at discharge from the hospital, 46.4% of 300 clients
were placed in gainful employment or returned to the school they had attended
previously. CONCLUSIONS: Despite a high prevalence of cognitive and behavioral
disorders after moderate-to-severe TBI, long-term functional improvement is
likely to occur in clients with TBI. Greater gains in both physical and cognitive
functions are made through a multidisciplinary, wide-ranging, comprehensive
approach to rehabilitation.

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