Research Reports - Psychotherapeutic treatment of survivors of traumatic brain injury

Brain Inj. 2013 Apr 30

Block CK, West SE

Abstract Primary objective: To provide an overview of useful clinical information
for healthcare providers involved in traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation,
including current methods used with survivors of TBI, therapeutic considerations
in light of this population's cognitive, emotional and social difficulties and
issues regarding the therapeutic working alliance from both survivor and provider
perspectives. Research design: Non-systematic clinical review. Method: The
literature was intended to be comprehensive to reflect both past and present
contributions to the field. To that end, citations were included from seminal and
current texts as well as relevant original and review articles from 1985-2012 in
PubMed and PubMedCentral online research databases. Main outcomes and results:
This article highlights the usefulness of psychotherapy for treatment of
psychiatric symptoms in the TBI population, reviews available modalities and
offers considerations and suggestions to facilitate and improve treatment.
Conclusions: Although challenging and perhaps frustrating at times, psychotherapy
with this population can be validly attempted and ultimately very rewarding for
both the survivor and therapist. Future research should seek to perform
controlled studies to examine therapeutic efficacy and compare gains by injury
severity in the hopes of creating best practice guidelines for practitioners.

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