Research Reports - Traumatic brain injury shows better functional recovery than brain tumor

Eur J Phys Rehabil Med. 2013 Apr 5

Bilgin S, Kose N, Karakaya J, Mut M

Background: The similar symptoms seen in the brain tumor (BT) and traumatic brain
injury (TBI) population. However, functional comparisons between these two
diagnostic groups have been limited. Aim: To compare functional outcomes in
patients with supratentorial BT and TBI after early rehabilitation. Design: This
was a retrospective database analysis. Setting. Patients admitted to an Acute
Care Unit as inpatient (Hacettepe Hospital, Ankara-Turkey). Population. The
population included patients with BT and TBI. Methods: Thirty-four patients with
BT and TBI were matched one-to-one by lesion side and sex. The Barthel Index was
used to assess functional status at the pre- and postrehabilitation. The change
rate and efficiency in BI were also calculated. The time between injury onset and
admission to rehabilitation (the onset to admission interval, OAI) and length of
stay in rehabilitation (LOS rehab) were recorded. In addition, the influence of
lesion side (left and right) and age on functional outcome were analyzed.
Results: The functional level was significantly lower in TBI patients than in
patients BT before rehabilitation (P<0.05). The post-rehabilitation BI score was
similar in patients with BT and TBI (P>0.05). Patients with TBI had greater the
change rate and efficiency in BI (P<0.05). The OAI and LOS rehab was longer in
patients with TBI (P<0.05). In terms of lesion side comparisons, no differences
were found (P>0.05). The age had no effect on functional outcome in patients with
TBI and BT (P>0.05), expect the age group 45-59 (P<0.05). Conclusion: The early
rehabilitation program improved functional ability of patients with brain tumors,
as well as patients with traumatic brain injury. Despite the lower functional
status, patients with TBI displayed better functional recovery than patients with
BT. Lesion side had no effect on functional outcome in patients with TBI and BT.
Differences in functional status begin to appear even in patients with TBI
between 45 and 59 years. Further investigations with more detailed outcome
instruments are required to better understand the qualitative limitations of a
patient's recovery. Clinical Rehabilitation Impact: Patients with TBI will make
functional gains comparable with patients with brain tumors in a similar
rehabilitation setting.

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