Research Reports - A preliminary study using attention process training-3 and Lumosity™ brain games to remediate attention deficits following traumatic brain injury

Brain Inj. 2013 Jun;27(6):707-16

Zickefoose S, Hux K, Brown J, Wulf K

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Computer-based treatments for attention problems have become
increasingly popular and available. The researchers sought to determine whether
improved performance by survivors of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) on two
computer-based treatments generalized to improvements on comparable, untrained
tasks and ecologically-plausible attention tasks comprising a standardized
RESEARCH DESIGN: The researchers used an -A-B-A-C-A treatment design repeated
across four adult survivors of severe TBI.
METHODS AND PROCEDURES: Participants engaged in 8 weeks of intervention using
both Attention Process Training-3 (APT-3) and Lumosity™ (2010) Brain Games. Two
participants received APT-3 treatment first, while the other two received
Lumosity™ treatment first. All participants received both treatments throughout
the course of two, 1-month intervention phases.
MAIN OUTCOMES AND RESULTS: Individual growth curve analyses showed participants
made significant improvements in progressing through both interventions. However,
limited generalization occurred: one participant demonstrated significantly
improved performance on one of five probe measures and one other participant
showed improved performance on some sub-tests of the Test of Everyday Attention;
no other significant generalization results emerged. These findings call into
question the assumption that intervention using either APT-3 or Lumosity™ will
prompt generalization beyond the actual tasks performed during treatment.

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