Research Reports - Arts-based social skills interventions for adolescents with acquired brain injuries

Dev Neurorehabil. 2013 Nov 1

Agnihotri S, Gray J, Colantonio A, Polatajko H, Cameron D, Wiseman-Hakes C, Rumney P, Keightley M

Abstract Objective: Previous research has demonstrated the value of arts-based
programs for adolescents with childhood brain disorder to facilitate social
skills and participation. The current study extends this work by examining the
feasibility and effectiveness of an arts-based intervention for youth with
acquired brain injuries (ABI). Methods: A case study approach was used with four
adolescent participants and one case control. A battery of quantitative measures
were administered four and one week pre-intervention, one week post-intervention,
as well six to eight month post-intervention. Results: Improvements in pragmatic
communication skills and social and participation goals were observed across
intervention participants. Similar improvements were not seen with the case
control participant. Conclusion: Results support the use of an arts-based
intervention for youth with ABI to facilitate social skills and participation.
Findings also highlight the need for more sensitive measures of these skills for
these youth. Suggested guidelines for program implementation are provided.

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