Research Reports - Relationship between employment status and sexual functioning after traumatic brain injury

Brain Inj. 2014 Apr 4

Bellamkonda E(1), Zollman F

Abstract Objective: To determine if correlations exist between employment status
and sexual functioning in persons with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Design:
Descriptive cross-sectional. Setting: Community. Participants: One hundred and
forty-six English-speaking, community dwelling adults, without other neurological
or psychiatric disorder that could impact outcome and (1) enrolled in TBI Model
Systems sexuality study database or (2) admitted to Rehabilitation Institute of
Chicago with primary diagnosis of TBI between 2004-2006. Main outcome measures:
Employment status, annual income, Derogatis Interview for Sexual Functioning Self
Report (DISF-SR) sum and sub-scale scores, Global Sexual Satisfaction Index
(GSSI). Results: No significant difference was found in GSSI scores between
employed, unemployed or students/volunteers (p = 0.20); however, lower income
marginally correlated with lower GSSI scores (p = 0.09). Marginally significant
lower DISF-SR Sexual Cognition sub-group (p = 0.09) scores were found in
unemployed vs. employed. Lower annual income also correlated with lower DISF-SR
sum scores (p = 0.06), Sexual cognition/fantasy (p = 0.07), Orgasm/ejaculation
(p = 0.003) and Sexual drive and relationship (p = 0.01) scores. Conclusions:
Lower quality sexual functioning and satisfaction was present in persons with TBI
and concomitant unemployment or lower annual income. Efforts are needed to
increase awareness amongst the TBI population and rehabilitation professionals of
the potential impact unemployment or financial stress has on sexual functioning
and satisfaction.

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