Research Reports - Web-based parenting skills to reduce behavior problems following abusive head trauma

Child Abuse Negl. 2014 May 17

Mast JE(1), Antonini TN(2), Raj SP(3), Oberjohn KS(4), Cassedy A(4), Makoroff KL(4), Wade SL(1)

Pediatric abusive head trauma causes significant cognitive and behavioral
morbidity, yet very few post-acute interventions exist to facilitate long-term
recovery. To meet the needs of this vulnerable population, we piloted a web-based
intervention with live coaching designed to improve positive parenting and child
behavior. The efficacy of this parenting skills intervention was compared with
access to Internet resources on brain injury. Participants included seven
families (four randomized to the parenting intervention and three randomized to
receive Internet resources). Parenting skills were observed and child behavior
was rated at baseline and intervention completion. At completion, parents who
received the parenting skills intervention showed significantly more positive
parenting behaviors and fewer undesirable behaviors during play than parents who
received access to Internet resources. Additionally, during play, children in the
parenting skills intervention group were more compliant following parent commands
than children in the Internet resources group. Lastly, parents who received the
parenting intervention reported less intense oppositional and conduct behavior
problems in their children post-intervention than did parents in the Internet
resources group. These findings provide preliminary evidence for the use of this
web-based positive parenting skills intervention to improve parenting skills and
child behavior following abusive head trauma.

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