Research Reports - Mild traumatic brain injury and ADHD

J Atten Disord. 2014 Jul 21

Adeyemo BO(1), Biederman J(2), Zafonte R(1), Kagan E(3), Spencer TJ(3), Uchida M(3), Kenworthy T(3), Spencer AE(3), Faraone SV(4)

OBJECTIVE: This study investigated the association between mild traumatic brain
injury (mTBI) and ADHD, which increases risk of injuries and accidents.
METHOD: We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies that
examined the relationship between mTBI and ADHD.
RESULTS: Five studies, comprising 3,023 mTBI patients and 9,716 controls, fit our
a priori inclusion and exclusion criteria. A meta-analysis found a significant
association between ADHD and mTBI, which was significant when limited to studies
that reported on ADHD subsequent to mTBI and when the direction of the
association was not specified, but not for studies that reported mTBI subsequent
to ADHD. Heterogeneity of effect size and publication biases were not evident.
CONCLUSION: The literature documents a significant association between mTBI and
ADHD. Further clarification of the relationship and direction of effect between
mTBI and ADHD and treatment implications could have large clinical, scientific,
and public health implications.

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