Research Reports - An evaluation of antisocial behaviour in children after traumatic brain injury

Ann Agric Environ Med. 2014 Sep 4;21(3):649-53

Tomaszewski W(1), Buliński L(2), Mirski A(3), Rasmus A(4), Kowalczyk J(5), Bazan M(3), Pąchalska M(6)

Introduction and objective. The aim of the article is to present the consequences
of traumatic brain injury in children, associated with general cognition and
behavioural disorders, mainly of the antisocial type.MATERIAL AND METHODS: A
total of 20 school-age children took part in the study, including six girls and
14 boys. The average age of the children was 13.35 years (standard deviation SD =
1.95). The research instruments included an analysis of documentation, a
structured clinical interview, MMSE and Frontal Behavioral Inventory (FBInv) with
additional set of five supplementary questions directed for detection of
antisocial behavior. The research was conducted from the beginning of January
2009 until the end of May 2009.
RESULTS: As hypothesized, the functioning of the children with traumatic brain
injury is severely disrupted, because of the presence of cognitive impairment,
however, dementia is not manifested. In a significant number of the children with
traumatic brain injury we found not only the frontal syndrome, but also the
occurrence of antisocial behaviour. The most commonly reported behavioural
problems were: disorganization commonly referred to as laziness,
hypersensitivity, and anxiety. The most common types of anti-social behaviour
were: impulsivity, physical and verbal aggression, and also an outburst of anger.
CONCLUSIONS: The children with traumatic brain injury suffer from a cognitive
disorders and behavioural problems, especially impulsivity, physical and verbal
aggression, increased anxiety, and disorganization. The occurrence of frontal
syndrome is related to the development of antisocial behaviour.

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