Research Reports - Effectiveness of melatonin for sleep impairment post pediatric traumatic brain injury

Dev Neurorehabil. 2014 Oct;17(5):355-62

Keegan LJ(1), Reed-Berendt R, Neilly E, Morrall MC, Murdoch-Eaton D

OBJECTIVE: To retrieve and review all the relevant literature describing the
administration of melatonin to treat impaired sleep in children following
acquired brain injury (ABI).
METHODS: A systematic search and retrieval of the literature was conducted using
advanced search techniques. The retrieval identified 589 papers, seven of which
were relevant. Review/outcomes criteria were developed and study quality was
RESULTS: There is paucity of high-quality evidence to support use of melatonin
for sleep impairment post paediatric ABI. Variation in dosage, screening and
outcome measures, data reporting and a lack of impairment delineation and
treatment stratification were recurrent themes.
CONCLUSION: Retrieved evidence for the effectiveness of melatonin for post
paediatric ABI sleep impairment appears promising. There is a clear need for
further study in this area to inform clinical and research practices.
Recommendations are given.

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