Research Reports - Traumatic brain injury and adverse life events

Brain Inj. 2015 Mar 19:1-6

Taylor O(1), Barrett RD, McLellan T, McKinlay A

OBJECTIVES: To investigate whether individuals with a history of traumatic brain
injury (TBI) experience a greater number of adverse life events (ALE) compared to
controls, to identify significant predictors of experiencing ALE and whether the
severity of childhood TBI negatively influences adult life outcomes.
DESIGN: A total of 167 individuals, injured prior to age 18, 5 or more years
post-injury and 18 or more years of age, were recruited in the Canterbury region
of New Zealand, with 124 having sustained childhood TBI (62 mild, 62
moderate/severe) and 43 orthopaedic injury controls. Participants were asked
about ALE they had experienced and other adult life outcomes.
RESULTS: Individuals with a history of TBI experienced more ALE compared to
controls. The number of ALE experienced by an individual was associated with more
visits to the doctor, lower education level and lower satisfaction with material
standard of living.
CONCLUSIONS: Childhood TBI is associated with an increased number of ALE and
adult negative life outcomes. Understanding factors that contribute to negative
outcomes following childhood TBI will provide an avenue for rehabilitation and
support to reduce any problems in adulthood.

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