Research Reports - Videogame-based group therapy to improve self-awareness and social skills after traumatic brain injury

J Neuroeng Rehabil. 2015 Apr 11;12(1):37

Llorens R(1,)(2), Noé E(3), Ferri J(4), Alcañiz M(5,)(6)

BACKGROUND: This study determines the feasibility of different approaches to
integrative videogame-based group therapy for improving self-awareness, social
skills, and behaviors among traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims and retrieves
participant feedback.
METHODS: Forty-two adult TBI survivors were included in a longitudinal study with
a pre- and post-assessments. The experimental intervention involved weekly
one-hour sessions conducted over six months. Participants were assessed using the
Self-Awareness Deficits Interview (SADI), Patient Competency Rating Scale (PCRS),
the Social Skills Scale (SSS), the Frontal Systems Behavior Scale (FrSBe), the
System Usability Scale (SUS). Pearson's chi-squared test (χ (2)) was applied to
determine the percentage of participants who had changed their clinical
classification in these tests. Feedback of the intervention was collected through
the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (IMI).
RESULTS: SADI results showed an improvement in participant perceptions of
deficits (χ (2) = 5.25, p < 0.05), of their implications (χ (2) = 4.71,
p < 0.05), and of long-term planning (χ (2) = 7.86, p < 0.01). PCRS results
confirm these findings (χ (2) = 5.79, p < 0.05). SSS results were also positive
with respect to social skills outcomes (χ (2) = 17.52, p < 0.01), and FrSBe
results showed behavioral improvements (χ (2) = 34.12, p < 0.01). Participants
deemed the system accessible (80.43 ± 8.01 out of 100) and regarded the
intervention as interesting and useful (5.74 ± 0.69 out of 7).
CONCLUSIONS: Integrative videogame-based group therapy can improve
self-awareness, social skills, and behaviors among individuals with chronic TBI,
and the approach is considered effective and motivating.

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