Research Reports - Differences in regional brain volumes two months and one year after mild traumatic brain injury

J Neurotrauma. 2015 May 13

Zagorchev L(1), Meyer C, Stehle T, Wenzel F, Young S, Peters J, Weese J, Paulsen
KD, Garlinghouse M, Ford J, Roth R, Flashman LA, McAllister T

Conventional structural imaging is often normal after mild Traumatic Brain Injury
(mTBI). There is a need for structural neuroimaging biomarkers that facilitate
detection of milder injuries, allow recovery trajectory monitoring, and identify
those at risk for poor functional outcome and disability. We present a novel
approach to quantifying volumes of candidate brain regions at risk for injury.
Compared to controls, mTBI patients had significantly smaller volumes in several
regions including the caudate, putamen, and thalamus when assessed two months
after injury. These differences persisted but were reduced in magnitude one year
after injury, suggesting the possibility of normalization over time in the
affected regions. However more pronounced differences were found in the amygdala
and hippocampus suggesting the possibility of regionally specific responses to

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