Research Reports - Psychological problems, self-esteem and body dissatisfaction in a sample of adolescents with brain lesions

Brain Inj. 2015 May 7:1-9

Pastore V(1), Colombo K, Maestroni D, Galbiati S, Villa F, Recla M, Locatelli F,
Strazzer S

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: This study aims to describe psychological problems,
self-esteem difficulties and body dissatisfaction in a sample of adolescents with
acquired brain lesions and to compare them with an age- and gender-matched
control group.
RESEARCH DESIGN: In an experimental design, the psychological profile of 26
adolescents with brain lesions of traumatic or vascular aetiology, aged 12-18
years, was compared with that of 18 typically-developing subjects. Moreover,
within the clinical group, patients with TBI were compared with patients with
vascular lesions.
METHODS AND PROCEDURES: The psychological and adaptive profile of the adolescents
was assessed by a specific protocol, including CBCL, VABS, RSES, EDI-2 and BES.
MAIN OUTCOME AND RESULTS: Adolescents with brain lesions showed more marked
psychological problems than their healthy peers; they also presented with a
greater impairment of adaptive skills and a lower self-esteem. No significant
differences were found between patients with traumatic lesions and patients with
vascular lesions.
CONCLUSIONS: Adolescents with acquired brain lesions were at higher risk to
develop psychological and behavioural difficulties. Furthermore, in the clinical
sample, some variables such as the long hospitalization and isolation from family
and peers were associated to a greater psychological burden than the aetiology of
the brain damage.

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