Research Reports - Effect of Preferred Music on Agitation After Traumatic Brain Injury

West J Nurs Res. 2015 Jun 30

Park S(1), Williams RA(2), Lee D(3)

Agitation is a common behavioral problem after traumatic brain injury (TBI),
which threatens the safety of patients and caregivers and disrupts the
rehabilitation process. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of a preferred
music intervention on the reduction of agitation in TBI patients and to compare
the effects of preferred music with those of classical "relaxation" music. A
single group, within-subjects, randomized crossover trial design was formed,
consisting of 14 agitated patients with cognitive impairment after severe TBI.
Patients listened to preferred music and classical "relaxation" music, with a
wash-out period in between. Patients listening to the preferred music reported a
significantly greater reduction in agitation compared with the effect seen during
the classical "relaxation" music intervention (p = .046). These findings provide
preliminary evidence that the preferred music intervention may be effective as an
environmental therapeutic approach for reducing agitation after TBI.

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