Research Reports - Concussion treatment using massage techniques

Int J Ther Massage Bodywork. 2015 Jun 9;8(2):12-7

Burns SL

BACKGROUND: Concussion, its recognition, diagnosis, and treatment is a growing
public health issue. Massage practitioners who specialize in rehabilitation deal
with a variety of injury cases that involve concussion, including those incurred
by falls, motor vehicle incidents, and sports injuries.
PURPOSE: This case study presents a unique massage therapy approach to concussion
trauma treatment.
PARTICIPANT: Male 23-year-old intramural soccer player diagnosed with
postconcussion syndrome resulting from a fall.
INTERVENTION: Assessment and treatment were completed in two sessions of 45
minutes spaced two days apart. Massage therapy techniques were applied to injury
areas by a Licensed Massage Practitioner.
RESULTS: Using the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) and self-report, the
outcome measures showed diminished concussion symptoms and regained ease in range
of motion in the cervical area.
CONCLUSION: Positive results for this case highlight the potential importance of
massage therapy work to reduce headache, dizziness, and nausea in concussion
recovery. In the presence of such outcomes, massage therapy may also have a
supportive role in a person's return to function after concussion.

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