Why Choose CNS

Science shows brain function is greatly enhanced by early and intensive repetitive intervention following traumatic injury.

As a pioneer and expert in postacute traumatic brain injury treatment. CNS delivers rehabilitation care in harmony with the patient's normal rhythm of living. We believe most individuals with brain injury can continue to regain function over time and benefit from expert intensive medical rehabilitation of sufficient duration.

Quality of Life

Since 1980, CNS has delivered postacute medical treatment, therapeutic rehabilitation and disease management services with specially-trained staff for individuals recovering from acquired brain injury.

Our cost-effective, patient-centered programs maximize treatment effect, learning generalization and learning stability in real-world settings. The goal: help each patient resume a normal rhythm of living and facilitate skill re-acquisition.

Programs and Services

As a team with other medical professionals, we drive a patient's program through the rehabilitation process.

CNS programs include: Postacute in-patient rehabilitation, pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation, neurobehavioral rehabilitation, assisted living services, clinic outpatient and day treatment programs, multicultural programs and services, family oriented education classes, home evaluations.

CNS services include: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Educational Therapy, Counseling, Speech and Language Therapy, Community Re-entry Assistance, Disease Management and Treatment.

Informed Decisions

CNS provides patients and loved ones with respect, support, compassion and the information they need to make informed decisions. CNS believes in delivering rehabilitation services that offer objective, measurable short and long-term treatment goals based on the best treatment, education and research available. Patients and their loved ones can realize the miracles of functional recovery, one milestone at a time.


CNS serves hundreds of patients annually from throughout the United States and many foreign countries. We have convenient locations in California and Texas:

CNS-Bakersfield: In the California heartland and only a short ride from Los Angeles.

CNS-Los Angeles: In the upscale community of Encino, the heart of the San Fernando Valley.

CNS-Dallas: Adjacent to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

CNS-San Francisco: Located in the East Bay community of Emeryville.

CNS-Fort Worth: Convenientaly located in the Southwest Ft. Worth area of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.

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