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National Data Confirms Success of Telehealth Rehabilitation

National Data Confirms Success of Telehealth Rehabilitation

Based on clinical surveys, a significant percentage of patients made the same or better progress as in-clinic patients. CNS delivered more than 90,000 hours of treatment via telehealth in 2020.

The pivot to telehealth during the pandemic achieved two CNS objectives: it ensured patient safety by reducing exposure to COVID-19 and it enabled rehabilitation to continue. To determine the success of this shift, CNS conducted a survey that revealed how well patients and staff adapted to the technology. A national telehealth survey has now been published by the Brain Injury Association of America, which aligns with CNS’ internal findings: telehealth is a highly effective therapy platform. 

Core therapies implemented via CNS telehealth:

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Key Takeaway 

94% of therapists report that patients are progressing using telehealth.
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Connecting Patient and Therapist

In just one week, participants new to telehealth increased their comfort level by 34%, shifting from experiencing some challenges to full ease of use. 

CNS Data: A Successful Transition to Telehealth

The majority of respondents believe telehealth is effective for neurological rehabilitation.
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CNS Outcome: Key Takeaways

Outcome Data is Consistent with Current Literature

For 40 years, Centre for Neuro Skills has emphasized patient safety in tandem with patient progress. The success of telehealth supports this ongoing need to protect patients during treatment, as they relearn skills and embrace independence. To learn more about Centre for Neuro Skills programs, services, and telehealth rehabilitation, please visit or call 800.922.4994.