Our Patients

Empowering People Who’ve Endured a Brain Injury

No two brain injuries are alike and Centre for Neuro Skills believes that patients should be treated as individuals whose deficits and abilities are as unique as they are. Our patients are diverse in the circumstances that brought them to us, but they share a common goal on the journey of rehabilitation – regaining the skills needed to live a meaningful life. To everyone who works here, patients are thought of as family. We celebrate their milestones. We comfort their loved ones. We instill hope and inspire growth.

Our patients are the lifeblood of CNS. They reflect a vast spectrum of ages, religions, cultures, and socio economic strata. We accommodate their needs and listen to their families, helping them understand brain injury and the many aspects of rehabilitation. Our patients endure a broad range of brain injuries. Their deficits can reflect an array of challenges: behavioral issues; inability to walk, speak, work, or conduct self-care; cognition problems; and physical limitations.

Regardless of their circumstances, our staff – from the receptionist to the clinician – see our patients as the most vital element of CNS.

Patient Experiences

Rehabilitation is a journey and each patient has a path from the devastation of injury to the moment in therapy when they take their first step, speak their first word, and cook breakfast on their own. These are stories of triumph over adversity, but they are also a chronicle of how CNS helps people regain independence.

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Patient Videos

Inspiring and emotive, these short films about our patients chronicle the path from injury to transformation at Centre for Neuro Skills. The power of our intensive therapy is exemplified in vignettes that tell the story of triumph over adversity.

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